Letter to client

My accolades to you for thinking outside the boxed-in know-how of most Western professional docs and associates.

I am grateful that I’ve found so many lovely people and clear thinkers whose developments and devices have aided my emotional recovery.

Best wishes for memorizing the TFT algorithms. Often works best to perform the tapping simply for “muscle memory” without first tuning in an upsetting thought field of energy.

I’m most hopeful that the simple pain relief algorithm will be of help to you.  Sometimes my clients joke that they now have permanent dimples from repeated tappings!

Our brains and mind (all energy systems, including heart electricity and brain and nerves) are amazingly able to shift their habitual patterns.  So replace the old neuronal patterns with a new and better one.  We know that affirming thoughts, words, friends, and actions can bring out more positive feelings and outcomes for us.  With TFT, we are “rewiring” the old thought fields (all those energy sources and the source from which energy comes).  Repeated beliefs, feelings, environmental “support” all contrive ways for us to survive given where we are and what bits of wisdom we have to work with. Survival is good!  And being able to serenely thrive with upwellings of delight is even better.

Thank your body, mind, brain, all energetic systems for getting you this far. Inform them that you are now wiser, more able, more mature, have more support from mentors who have passed and those just now speaking up. Say you no longer have to follow the patterns you had to develop “back then”.  Here’s a saying that Glenn and I rely on:

“That was then; this is now.”

“That was them; this is me.”

And so on, changing words to give specific names can be done also, but without blame, just awareness that “they” or “he” of “she” were veryimportant when you were younger, sick, tired, fragile, vulnerable, distracted, unaware…, et cetera. And “Now” you are taking on responsibility as a mature adult to let go of old thought, emotion and behavior patterns and styles. And this is done, letting the past be the past while you move on into the future with a new “coat”, a new style that you are trying on for size. If it doesn’t seem to be the best fit, you will keep on being aware and open for what might be even better.  “This much, or more!”

Cheers to you and me and those of us who live for our own best and highest good.  ~Sharon

I define a ‘good person’ as somebody who is fully conscious of their own limitations. 
They know their strengths, but they also know their ‘shadow’ – they know their weaknesses. 
In other words, they understand that there is no good without bad. 
Good and evil are really one, but we have broken them up in our consciousness. 
We polarize them at our own peril.


John Elliott Bradshaw (1932-May 8, 2016)