Thought Field Therapy

Callahan Technique – Thought Field Therapy™

Thought Field Therapy™ developed by Dr. Roger J. Callahan is one of the “power therapies” of the 21st century. It is a revolutionary approach to rapid and lasting resolution of disturbing emotions and feelings. By directly addressing the body’s energy flow which is affected by thinking, clients can quickly remove the pain of long-standing negative effects on both mind and body. Past trauma and the pain of lost love is quickly and easily removed. It is no longer necessary to suffer from anxiety, phobia, fears, anger, rage and other “negative” feelings.  Are you a skeptic? Good! Prove it to yourself. Learn these simple, self-help techniques. If you are not able to report significant progress in the elimination of your presenting problem in the your initial TFT™ treatment, there will be no charge for the appointment AND there are no negative side effects.

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