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Thought Field Therapy™ developed by Dr. Roger J. Callahan is one of the “power therapies” of the 21st century. It is a revolutionary approach to rapid and lasting resolution of disturbing emotions and feelings. By directly addressing the body’s energy flow which is affected by thinking, clients can quickly remove the pain of long-standing negative effects on both mind and body. Past trauma and the pain of lost love is quickly and easily removed. It is no longer necessary to suffer from anxiety, phobia, fears, anger, rage and other “negative” feelings.  Are you a skeptic? Good! Prove it to yourself. Learn these simple, self-help techniques. If you are not able to report significant progress in the elimination of your presenting problem in the your initial TFT™ treatment, there will be no charge for the appointment AND there are no negative side effects.
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Past Trauma Treatment


Thought Field Therapy  –  Past Trauma Algorithm (Complex)

Ready to use the TFT “magic wand”?  Okay. Do treat all the thoughts and feelings which contain out-of-balance energy; that is, which cause you to feel upset or anxious!. Thoughts which bring up feelings such as: Mad, Sad, Fearful, Shame -are usually treatable by yourself, w/Dr. Callahan’s elegant and simple program.   MEMORIZE this when you ARE NOT in an energy field which has upset in it. Okay?

Bring up the thought that has the upset (trauma) around a past event. Get it clearly tuned in and write down a phrase to describe it.  A wonderful way to get clear on what the “core” dynamic within this upset might be is to Begin tapping on the Gamut Spot while you think, or talk out loud, about the issue. Keep asking yourself “What is the worst part of this?” When you have gotten to a basic dynamic of the issue that is upsetting, stop tapping and start writing. Write down where in your body you notice any sensations of distress.       Rate the level of your upset on a scale of 1 to 10. Imagine it as clearly as possible so that your body will reflect the worst unbalance, and it can be treated precisely.  Write down the number you think best reflects your upset in this moment.

Start by treating yourself for  possible  Psychological Reversal(PR) by tapping the “karate chop” spot on outside edge of each hand  by tapping the spot Under Nose. (Refer to treatment points on graphic page below.)

Begin treatment by tapping 7 times on each of the following 8 points.

  1. Tap inside edge of eyebrow
  2. Under eyes
  3. Under arms
  4. Collarbones
  5. Tap inside edge of little fingers (Use forgiveness treatment for others here, if it feels right.)
  6. Collarbones
  7. Index fingers (Use forgiveness treatment for yourself here, if it feels right.)
  8. Collarbones
    9 Gamut;      tap outside edge of  hand (GAMUT SPOT) continuously while you:
    –           open eyes
    –           close eyes
    –           open eyes
    –           look down to the right
    –           look down to the left
    –           completely circle eyes one way and
    –           reverse and circle eyes in the other direction
    –           hum a tune (music)
    –           count from 1 to 5 (math)
    –           hum again (music)

Now, go back and repeat the eight points on which you tapped just before doing the 9 gamut treatment.

Check your number of the level of upset on scale 1 to 10.  If you still have upset, do the Floor-to-Ceiling Eye Roll: tap gamut spot on your hand, look at the floor, then roll eyes in a straight line up to the ceiling to a count of 7, while tapping continuously.  If a strong feeling persists, notice if it seems appropriate for the situation.  If so, make friends with it.  If it seems to be out of proportion for the situation, do the Past Trauma Algorithm treatment – again.
(Start with PR treatment.)

NOTE: If your thought has a dynamic that goes back to childhood, the trauma upset may have facets in it of your core survival issues. When you suspect that is the case, do a reversal treatment that we call Recurring Reversal.  Look at the graphics page with the TFT handouts. See the circular area on the upper chest? Rub on either side of your upper chest with your fingers.  This is a rub, not a tap.  Massage, palpate, rub those two areas WHILE you say a self-forgiveness statement.  This is the one that I use: “I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself, even though…”  The main topic in your trauma thought field is the phrase that fills in the end of the sentence.  For example, if the traumatic upset had to do with poor parenting that you had to endure, you might say: “I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself, even if I was scolded and came to believe that I was a bad kid.”  Say your version of this about three times.  NOW, start the treatment again from the top of page one.
If other thoughts or feelings with anxiety attached come to mind, treat them.  Make a  list of your past traumas and Treat Them with this algorithm!!  The more you can heal yourself of any and all events from the past which still have an unpleasant voltage to them (that you consider to be upsetting and anxiety provoking), the more healing and pleasant nurturing you will feel in yourself, and for others.
Relax and congratulate yourself. If you get stuck (or have joyous feedback), call me & share what is going on. I may be able to assist, or simply shagratulations.

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