Vision Board Workshop


New Year's Vision Board -Treasure Map - Dream Board

An afternoon of creative and simple cut-and-paste collaging.  Select a colorful poster board, whatever size fits your wall at home or office.  Use a supply of magazines to choose words and images that fit your image of your new year-end goals: satisfaction, success, completion, achievement, peace and happiness.

Sunday, January 27th

Spend Sunday afternoon, from 1:00 to 4:30, creating your vision for 2019.  Call 858-569-8975 to register or request more information.

This is NOT just a scissors-and-glue-on-poster board pastime. Sharon & Glenn facilitate the deepening to insight of your goals' purpose. They use guided meditation, 21st Century Power Tool of Thought Field Therapy to identify and release blocks and psychological barriers to successfully achieving what you say you want!  One's goals may be how to rearrange the house to have a comforting family room.  Or, they could be choosing the education or career path that satisfies, meaningfully, and with abundance. 

Come be a part of a deep process with light-hearted fun and achievement.

Snacks and drinks provided. 

Cost:  $35 for individual, $50 for couples.